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Benjamin Swig

Benjamin Swig

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I have owned a home in Edwards since 2011. Lived in the county from 2004-2007, 2011-2013, 2020-Present

MPH, Environmental Health and Disaster Management
MBA, Business Administration

2020 - Present - Director of Healthcare Innovation and Strategy  - Acadian Companies

  • Managed a 6500 member employee health plan with a $27M budget, develop and oversee the RFPs associated with TPAs and vendors
  • Commercialize Acadian Health, a MIHCP program (
  • Payer Relations - Transition Acadian Ambulance from FFS to a value-based and alternative payment models
  • Acadian Ventures - Manage a Venture Fund and Commercialization Accelerator for products that help improve quality and efficiency in EMS
  • Data Analytics - Develop Reports to glean information that improves quality and services as well as identify additional treatment options to enable medics to support additional in-home actionable and impactful care
  • Branding and Marketing of Acadian Products and Services
  • Assist in the development of a non-profit that provides additional support for employees, and patients with ADLs, SDOH, disaster assistance, and community resiliency.

2019 - 2020 - Innovation and Strategy Senior Advisor - Acadian Companies

  • Manage Employee Health Plan
  • Identify opportunities to improve foundational concepts and processes within Acadian Companies

2016-2019 - Co-Founder and COO - Ready Responders

  • Co-Founded a Mobile Urgent Care company leveraging EMTs and Paramedics to provide scheduled urgent care visits and chronic disease education / ED reduction programs.  
  • Developed operational guidelines, worked with a ED physician to develop standards of care, designed and developed uber-like auto-computer aided dispatch system, EMT and patient facing mobile application. 
  • Exited the company in 2019.

2014-2016 - Paramedic / Administration - New Orleans EMS
Served in the capacity of a NREMT-Paramedic with New Orleans Emergency Medical Services, the primary 911 advanced life support prehospital medical care provider, for the City of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Collateral Duties included EOC liaison, business process analysis and improvement, financial statement analysis, emergency planning, grant writing and specialty operations include: Hazardous materials technician, IPMBA cycle paramedic and water rescue.
Additional Certifications:
FEMA IS-100, 200, 300, 400, 700, 800
G-131 & E/L-131 FEMA Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning Course
G-290 Basic Public Information Officer Course
L-449 FEMA Incident Command System (ICS) Curricula, Train-the-Trainer
E-960 FEMA Division/Group Supervisor
E-962 FEMA Planning Section Chief
E-967 FEMA Logistics Section Chief
Incident Response Coordination Team (IRCT) Training
Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC)
Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response (ETHER)
Hazardous Materials Technician

2013 - 2016 - Board Member - Swig Company
Board member of a national privately-held commercial real estate company. 
Currently serve on the Investment, Governance and Budget Committees.

2011 - 2013 Acting Director of Training, United States Public Health Service
Member of a small team that managed the readiness, training and emergency response operations in the US Surgeon General’s Office for the United States Public Health Service, a 6,700 member federal uniform service.
Developed and implement training programs for 48 public health and medical emergency response teams that included, behavior health, disaster social work, environmental health, medical and incident management teams.
Planned and executed 14 community health and service missions over 3 years that included community risk assessments, direct medical care and culturally competent public health solutions involving over 1500 officers in Texas-Mexican border communities, Appalachian mining towns and tribal nations.
Coordinated manpower and equipment with Department of Defense and Health and Human Services emergency response partners during national-level emergency response operations on a 24/7 basis through the demobilization of department resources, including the development of just-in-time training.
Acted as Military Training Network (MTN) Healthcare Provider Level BLS Program Administrator for the USPHS National Capitol Region.
Participated as a Conference Planning Committee Member (Integrated Medical, Public Health, Preparedness and Response Training Summit) identifying content to support the mission of DHHS.
Presented with the Surgeon General’s Outstanding Service Award and HHS Innovates Award

2009-2011 - Public Health Analyst / Consultant - United States Public Health Service

2008 - 2008 - Intern - Vail Valley Salvation Army

2006 - 2007 - Public Health Consultant - Eagle County, Pitkin County, Montrose County

Tasked by Eagle, Pitkin and Montrose counties to draft pandemic influenza and mass fatalities plans for their communities. 

See more work history on Linkedin -

Why do you want to join the ECPS Board of Directors?
I hope to leverage my 21 years in EMS as a provider and administrator to support the ECPS Administration.  

I bring a complementary background to the board room experience with:
a. private and public organizations, 
b. public health, population health, EMS (urban, rural and backcountry)
c. perspective of various stakeholders (ie. Payers, providers, health systems), 
d. local and regional EMS organizations

What are some of your prior board leadership experiences?

a. Swig Company - 2013 - 2016, presently on three committees (Governance, Budget and Investment)
b. Ready Responders - 2016 - 2019 

Not for Profit
a. Jewish Community Center of Greater New Orleans
b. Jewish Family Services of Greater New Orleans
c. Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans
d. Terrace Ridge HOA - Vice President
e. New Orleans EMS Foundation - Vice President 
f. Heart of Acadian - Co-Founder

What skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer to our organization?

  • Expertise in: Data Analytics, Software Development, IT Systems Efficiencies, Population Health, Contracting, Value-based care, Alternative Payment Models, Product Commercialization (Getting Paid for providing new types of products and services) 
  • Teamwork, Payer Relations + Additional Clinical Stakeholders
  • Access to Subject Matter Experts
  • Expertise in the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of EMS organizations. 
  • Expertise in the requirements and responsibilities of EMS personnel
  • EMS policies, procedures, KPIs, and quality 
  • Inside and outside the box thinking
  • Work / Life Balance and business planning and sustainability
  • Customer Satisfaction - Patient / Customer Engagement / Alignment

What are your hobbies and interests?
First of all what were my hobbies.... :-) See (a.)

a. Being a great Husband and raising my two children - 14 year old daughter Jill and newborn son Solomon.
b. Being a Volleyball Dad - 24 hour ATM, chauffeur to volleyball games around Colorado on weekends
c. Mountain Rescue
d. Winter - Skiing resort and backcountry / Summer - Fly Fishing Going on 3 hour off-road driving tours of Colorado in my 4x4, SS Minnow, that usually turn into 6+ hour tours.