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American flag on a house with a Community Paramedic vehicle parked by the curb

ECPS Community Paramedic Services

General services:

  • Home Blood draws
  • Point of Care INR testing
  • General assessment / H&P
  • Vitals signs check
  • Oxygen saturation checks
  • 12-lead EKG
  • Weight check
  • Wound evaluation and dressing changes
  • Peak flow meter education/ usage
  • Immunizations

Patient education, disease management and follow up care:

  • Discharge follow-up/ review of care plan
  • Medication compliance/ reconicillation
  • Post injury/ illness evaluation
  • Stroke follow- up / education/ Neurological assessment
  • Diabetic follow-up / education
  • Asthma follow-up/ education
  • Respiratory follow- up/ education
  • Nutrition assessment / education
  • Post partum visit/ assessment
  • Pediatric assessment/ well child visit/ newborn assessment
  • Ambulatory alcohol detox

Social, home safety and screenings:

  • Home safety assessment
  • Social assessment
  • Fall risk screening
  • Depression screening
  • Welfare checks
24/7 Community Paramedic Line: 970-471-0285