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In the Community

Once a month, Eagle County Paramedics travels both to the Minturn and Eagle Healthy Aging sites for the senior luncheons. Paramedics and EMTs speak individually to older adults about their general health and evaluate blood pressure and blood sugar levels and monitor cardiac rhythm and oxygen levels. Through this program, we are able to help educate them about their general health and promote overall wellness. This interaction also allows older adults to become familiar with our services in a non-emergent situation.

Photo of MIRA bus along with Eagle County Paramedics Community Paramedic in front of Ridley's Grocery store in Gypsum

Community Paramedics also work with the MIRA bus to provide health screenings to the community. Introduced to the community in August, 2018, the MIRA (Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance/Alianza Movil de Recursos Interculturales) RV is a rolling clearinghouse for services available in Eagle County. Examples include basic health education and screenings, application support for public assistance programs, food resources, workforce development, early-childhood education coordination and physical activity programming. The MIRA bus brings resources directly to Eagle County neighborhoods and workplaces. MIRA was originally purchased by the Vail Health Foundation and Volunteer Corp.