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Eagle County Paramedic Services operates ambulances using five stations from Gypsum to Vail, with up to 14 ambulances providing 24-7, 365-day coverage. Last year, Eagle County Paramedic Services answered 5,900 calls from Vail Pass to Hanging Lake. ECPS transports people having medical emergencies, conducts community health services to underserved people in Eagle County and provides a wide variety of other services to the Eagle County Community. 

If you're a reporter with questions for or about Eagle County Paramedic Services, contact our communications specialist, Katie Coakley. It is Eagle County Paramedic Services' policy that all news media inquiries regarding the District be referred to the communications department to ensure the most timely and accurate response. The communications team can also help set up interviews with EC Paramedics officials or staff members as requested. 

Please address Media Requests to:
Katie Coakley
c: 970.333.4556
kcoakley (at)