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Wildland Fire EMS

May contain: van, vehicle, transportation, and truck

In the midst of COVID, wildfires raged across the state and in our backyard. EC Paramedics was able to respond after the formation of our inaugural crew of red carded paramedics. The six ECPS paramedics are specially trained to respond to medical or traumatic events in the wildland environment; they’re also certified to serve on the line or from an ambulance that is equipped with specific tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to deploy for weeks at a time.

In 2020, EC Paramedics deployed to two wildfires and stood by for another, totalling 11 weeks of deployment. 

In 2021, nine more ECPS paramedics and EMTs received their red card. So far, EC Paramedics Wildland Fire EMS crews have deployed to two fires, including the Sylvan Fire, for more than four weeks fo deployment.

These deployments provide invaluable training for staff and critical partnerships with our fellow responders, keeping our communities safe.