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Employee Housing Assistance Program

Aerial view of Vail, Colorado - a snowy mountain town with roadways and buildings on I-70.
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The District has a constant and recurring need for well-qualified staff to meet the emergency medical response needs of its large service area and employ the administrative staff to support. In an attempt to recognize that employee housing is a critical problem for hiring and retaining quality employees, the District has established several programs to provide local employee housing assistance as follows:

  1. Cash Buyer: The District will act as the cash buyer for qualified employees in order to provide competitive advantage in the marketplace. 
  2. Down Payment Assistance: ECPS will provide employees a percentage of their down payment to be forgiven completely after 10 years of employment in good standing.
  3. Accessory Dwelling Unit Assistance: Current county homeowners may access up to $100,000 to construct an ADU on their property. 
  4. Relocation Program: The District will reimburse up to $5,000 of the employee’s expenses to relocate in the District and will pay the employee two weeks of their regular compensation.