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Community Paramedics

What is Community Paramedic?

It’s a simple concept: Connect underutilized resources to underserved populations. In this case, we’re expanding the roles of EMS workers to provide health services where access to physicians, clinics and/or hospitals is difficult or may not exist. The Community Paramedic Program is organic. It exists for the sole purpose of serving the needs of a particular community. Its success relies heavily on collaboration among local stakeholders:

  • The people who live or travel in medically underserved rural and remote locales;
  • Elected officials whose charge it is to maintain the physical and fiscal health of a community;
  • Health department officials, clinic and hospital administrators, who assess needs and manage resources in order to provide the range of services to meet those needs.
  • Colleges and universities that train our nation’s first responders are core to the Community Paramedic Program.
Community Paramedic David Miller standing in front of a community paramedic specific SUV

Similar initiatives in the United States and around the world have generated remarkable results. Today’s Community Paramedic Program combines all of the best practices and lessons learned from these programs.

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 All ECPS community paramedics are board certified by the International Board of Specialty Certifications (IBSC) and are endorsed by the State of Colorado as Community Paramedics. The Colorado standards for Community Paramedic license endorsement exceeds national standards.