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Mark Bergman

Mark Bergman

I am the only incumbent seeking re-election to the Eagle County Health Service District (best known as the Eagle County Paramedic Service) Board of Directors. I am currently serving a two-year term. 

I have about thirty years of experience in emergency medical services including EMT, Paramedic, line officer, acting chief and Board President with several ambulance services as well as National Ski Patrol. This experience has prepared me to understand the important mission of this organization.

ECPS is one of the best run paramedic services with which I have been affiliated. Our paramedic service is in excellent shape operationally and financially due to the great leadership the current board, management and staff deliver daily. We have a superb staff developed around a core of long service people. Our Board has eight-year term limits providing a constant influx of new ideas combined with knowledge of what has gone before. so none of us could ever be considered "career politicians." Given that 60% of the board is turning over this year, it is important to consider my experience and institutional knowledge when voting. Over the last two years, I have been working on important strategic projects including employee home ownership, a CEO search, facilities renovation and a new strategic plan. These are all critical works in progress that I hope to finish when re-elected. 

I have dedicated much of my life to public service and I have proven my commitment to our community including the sacrifices of putting others before self. My other community service roles include the Eagle County Zoning Board, President - Vail Automotive Classic Foundation and the Vail Resorts Street Team (a volunteer employee service group). My community engagement has allowed me to get to build relationships with many of the community leaders ECPS works with to create innovative services. Prior roles include multiple terms as Director, President and Treasurer with several Boards of Realtors® and non- profit groups, VicePresident- NYS Association of Realtors® and Town Planning Boards. When not volunteering my time, my career included owning my own business, CEO of a non-profit organization and a diverse corporate career that included working with government agencies and emergency services. 

I find fulfillment in service to others and especially enjoy supporting the mission of the Eagle County Paramedic Service. I take a professional approach to representing Eagle County's tax payers as well as the dedicated and selfless first responders we employ to protect you. Providing paramedical care to our community requires a level of professionalism I exhibit daily. 

Outside of my role as a Director, you may find me skiing and organizing automotive events throughout our community. 

Please re-elect me to ensure continuity of leadership of the Eagle County Health Service District.