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Eagle County Paramedic Services (ECPS) seeks EMT professionals to join our field staff to help fulfill our mission of providing skilled, professional and compassionate healthcare to our community. We seek candidates for four different shifts:

Full time positions:

  • 48/96 Shift: 48 hrs on and 96 hrs off. Year round, full time.
  • Day Shift*: three 12-hr shifts per week 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Year round, full time.
  • Swing Shift**: three, 14-hr shifts per week 5 p.m. - 7 a.m. Winter seasonal, full time.

Part-time position:

  • Med Pool: minimum of one duty shift and two on-call or special event shifts each month. Year round, part time.

Our team is not only highly skilled and professional, but also has a passion for what we do: Serving the community by providing world-class, out-of-hospital care. This is an often fast-paced, sometimes stressful job that requires critical thinking skills and a level head. We value integrity in all we do, excellence and advocacy in patient care and professionalism at all times.

Interested? Peruse the job descriptions below and submit your application. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

May contain: person, human, airplane, transportation, vehicle, aircraft, clothing, and apparel


Work as an EMT partner with paramedic or as stand-alone resource at special events. As an EMT, the successful candidate performs the main duties of ambulance driver to and from emergency and non-emergency scenes as well as administering basic life support and care under the direction of the District Medical Director and paramedic partner consistent with state and local operating protocols. 

*The Day Shift differs slightly in that it is a variable role often covering stations, supporting fatigued crews and responding to first calls in the day.

**The Swing Shift specializes in necessary night transfers, supports overall agency health and offers a unique introduction to ECPS. 


  • Med Pool EMTs: $21.00 per hour
  • Full-time EMTs (48/96 and Day Shift): This is a nonexempt, hourly position of $16.00 to $19.62 per hour (expected annualized salary is $52,480-$64,353 with 48/96 schedule) 
  • Full -time EMTs - Swing Shift: Compensation is $19.53 to $23.47 per hour (approximate equivalent annual salary $43,669.80-$52,480.00)

Full Job Descriptions:

Med Pool EMTSwing Shift EMT48/96 and Day Shift EMT