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Carl Luppens

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Tell us a little bit about yourself

I have been active in Eagle County since 1975 as a skier, mountaineer, river guide and rancher. My retirement. is devoted to community safety, giving back as a reserve police officer and emergency response volunteer. Professionally, I worked as a major medical facility builder after serving as an attorney for a large international law firm. I have interacted professionally with the Eagle County Paramedic Services on community safety matters and appreciate the extraordinary quality of their services..

Why do you want to join the ECPS Board of Directors?

Eagle County Paramedic Services employees are truly experts on emergency medical matters; they don’t need more medical advice from directors. However, public services like ECPS can always use directors with varied skills in the critical ancillary areas. I will offer legal, facilities, finance and public relations expertise. Effectively supporting the paramedics, so they can optimally protect the community, is paramount. These are challenging times for public service workers. Housing options and affordability support is critical. Some of our paramedics have to live too far away from their work.

What are some of your prior board leadership experiences? 

Serving on numerous Colorado board of directors, ranging from founding the University of Colorado Real Estate Council to the Eagle County Emergency Responder Fund, has given me great experience. I am the board secretary for the Colorado Rangers, a statewide reserve police agency. As a founding member of the Joint Southeast Public Improvement Authority, I oversaw a multi-million-dollar annual construction budget. I also have extensive leadership experience as a senior executive in the business world at major companies running over a billion dollars of commercial and medical real estate development. Over my lengthy career I have had the privilege of working with some of the preeminent hospital systems in the nation.

What skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer to our organization?

In addition to legal, medical facility and business expertise, I can offer the Eagle County Paramedic Services  experience in multi-discipline emergency response. I am a National Tactical Officer Association active shooterresponse instructor and have worked with Eagle County law, fire and emergency medical services in their regular joint agency training exercises, essentially training to protect school children. I stay up to date on emergency medical issues around the kitchen table; members of my family are a highly regarded trauma surgeon and a tactical medic who serves at the top national level. I am also a trained tactical medic.

What are your hobbies and interests? 

My hobbies and interests include both Alpine and Nordic skiing, fly fishing, hiking and volunteer public safety serviced in the community which includes supporting wildland fire mitigation efforts and public safety training. Every summer I spend many hours as a volunteer police officer in Eagle and Summit Counties providing, among other things, security to paramedics as they administer medical aid at local events.