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Brandy Reitter

Brandy Reitter

Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Brandy Reitter, and I live in Eagle County in the Eby Creek Mesa neighborhood. My husband and I moved here in 2018 from Buena Vista so I could take a job as the Town Manager of the Town of Eagle. I grew up in Colorado, have lived in several communities across the state, and have had a residency in the high country since 2007. My parents moved to Colorado in the 70s because they were in the United States Air Force and were stationed at Fitzsimons and Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora. 

I grew up in a family of public servants. This established my values and desire to serve and build community. While most of my family has moved away from Colorado, my husband and I enjoy living in Eagle County with our dog Tink. We do not have kids but love them, and plan to have many dogs over the course our lives as possible.

My professional background includes 15 years of public service in state and local government, 10 years as a Town Manager, and 5 years of experience working in public health in higher education. Most recently, I served as the Town Manager for the Town of Eagle from 2017 – 2022, and as of February 2022, accepted a position as the Executive Director of the Colorado Broadband Office in the Governor’s Office of Information Technology. 

My specific ECPS professional experience includes the following: 

  • I worked for the University of Arizona Emergency Hazmat Life Support program that trained EMTs, fire, and law enforcement on how to handle hazmat situations.
  • I have provided oversight over 3 very successful law enforcement agencies who partner closely with paramedic services.
  • I oversaw the Buena Vista Fire Department and supported fire and EMT responders in the department on training, calls for service, and multi-jurisdictional cooperation. 
  • I have supported emergency management offices in Chaffee, Saguache and Eagle Counties. I am trained in emergency support functions and have developed regional and local Emergency Management Plans. 
  • I have worked directly with Search and Rescue in Buena Vista, Saguache and Eagle and supported several high profile incidents and swift water rescues.
  • I have formed successful partnerships in the mental health community in Eagle and Chaffee Counties to support the work of emergency and first responders in my communities.  
  • I am familiar with emergency services provided by federal jurisdictions through the US Forest Service.
  • I have negotiated and executed mutual aid and auto aid agreements between fire, law enforcement and paramedic services. 
  • I have experience procuring vehicles, equipment, technology and services for fire, police and paramedics. 
  • I have experience implementing and maintaining training standards for emergency services. 
  • ​​​​​​​I have experience funding and supporting multi-jurisdictional dispatch service models.

My education has afforded me many opportunities in life. I graduated from Smoky Hill High School in Aurora and then attended the University of Arizona in Tucson. I graduated with a BA in political science with a minor in pre-law. I then moved back to Colorado, attended the University of Colorado Denver, and graduated with my Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis on local government.  

Why do you want to join the ECPS Board of Directors?
I want to join the ECPS Board of Directors because I want to support the work of emergency services in my community. I know that my experience having worked with first responders, emergency managers, law enforcement, paramedics, fire, emergency service and healthcare providers will be of value to the Board. I have practical knowledge and experience and know from the inside what this community needs to provide excellent service. 

My platform includes the following priorities:

  • Ensuring that ECPS has the resources it needs to provide service
  • Enhance coverage and response times through common sense and pragmatic approaches
  • Provide policy and legislative advocacy on behalf of ECPS to ensure that process doesn’t prohibit ECPS from doing great work
  • Develop and support multi-jurisdictional relationships to support the work that ECPS performs
  • Support management so that ECPS can recruit, develop and retain the best staff in our region
  • ​​​​​​​Bring diversity in gender and race to the ECPS to the Board 

What are some of your prior board leadership experiences?
I have had the opportunity to serve on several boards. Provide below is a comprehensive list of boards that I have served:

  • President – University of Colorado Denver Alumni Association
  • Board Member – Downtown Colorado, Inc. 
  • Council Member – Colorado Creative Industries
  • Trustee – Western States Arts Federation
  • Trustee – Colorado Trust Foundation
  • Board Member – Colorado State Internet Portal Authority 
  • Board Member – State of Colorado Broadband Deployment Board
  • Board Member – State of Colorado eHealth Board

As a Town Manager, I served on many internal committees of the towns I have worked.

What skills, connections, resources, and expertise do you have to offer to our organization?
I bring a lot to the ECPS Board. I have intimate knowledge of the needs of the emergency responder community having been a Town Manager for 10 years. I have funded, trained and developed policies that have supported the industry for years. I also pride myself on knowing how multi-jurisdictional coordination works and understand the dynamics for long-term success. I have experience as an emergency manager and have many connections across the state. I have worked with law enforcement, fire, federal partners, dispatch services, emergency managers, PIOs, hazmat, paramedics, healthcare and mental health providers in all of my communities. I understand what it takes to run and operate emergency services, provide excellent service and I think my knowledge would be valuable to the organization. 

What are your hobbies and interests?
I have few hobbies that I enjoy. For fun, I like to camp, run, mountain bike, ski, snowboard and engage in river activities in the summer. I also like participating in endurance races. I have participated in a 50K, 9 marathons, 20 half marathons, 4 triathlons including one half Ironman, and did a fun MTB/running duathlon. I have also run a few 10k and 5k events and hope to continue until I am too old and or need replacement joints.

Most recently, I have picked up dirt biking and enjoy riding in the backcountry with friends. I do enjoy reading and attending art galleries and museums. I like to travel when I have time and hope to do more when COVID restrictions ease.